ACC Blocks

ACC Blocks

AAC Blocks [Autoclaved Aerated Concrete] is a certified green building material, developed in 1924 in Sweden. AAC is produced from the common materials lime, sand, cement and water, and a small amount of rising agent. After mixing and molding, it is then autoclaved under heat and pressure to create its unique properties. AAC has excellent thermal insulation and acoustic absorption properties.

These precast concrete blocks are extremely lightweight and widely used for internal and external construction. AAC Blocks  is a lightweight, precast building material that provides structure, insulation, and fire and mould resistance. The raw materials used to manufacture the these blocks are cement, sand, fly ash, gypsum, lime and water.

AAC Blocks is a unique and excellent type of building material due to its super heat, fire and sound resistance, AAC blocks are lightweight and offers ultimate workability, flexibility and durability. 80% of the volume of an AAC block is air. The blocks are easy to install, nail, drill and cut for pipes and conduits.

Raja Tiles Company has the reputation of providing High quality AAC Blocks, manufactured by our Highly experienced and professional vendors in compliance with international standards. The bricks provided by Us are manufactured using best quality raw materials, that assures the durability and fine finish. We provide AAC Blocks in a affordable price without compromising the quality.

Thickness Height Length Inches
100 mm 200 mm 600 mm 4
100 mm 150 mm 600 mm 6
200 mm 200 mm 600 mm 8
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