Clay Hollow Bricks

Clay Hollow Bricks

Clay hollow blocks are an innovation in the construction industry. Produced from clay sourced from de-siting of dead water tanks with only natural additives like coal ash, rice husk and saw dust. This can be used to construct non-load bearing [Horizontally perforated HP] as well as load bearing [Vertically perforated HP] walls .

Strength and ease of usage

  • High compressive strength due to the web design
  • Easy to chase and chisel for electrical and plumbing conduits making it simple to install all types of fixtures (geysers, air conditioners, cabinets, closets, etc.)
  • Exceptionally long life, doesn't burn as it is already fired at 1000 degree C and has a fire rating F240 - 240 minutes


  • Light weight - up to 60% less weight than conventional walling material.
  • Excellent thermal insulation.
  • High compressive strength.
  • Natural and green product.
  • Faster construction and ease of handling.

Inches Req per Sqft
16 x 4 x 8 1.125 No's
16 x 6 x 8 1.125 No's
16 x 8 x 8 1.125 No's